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Luminous Landscapes

Luminous Landscapes: Quilted Visions in Paint & Thread by Gloria Loughman. Thread, Paint & Inspiration—the Sky’s the Limit! • Create unique and impressive landscape quilts from photos you take—includes tips on taking good pictures, how to combine elements of several photos into one design, and how to use color effectively • Yes, you can create stunning pictorial effects using step-by-step techniques! • Learn how to paint your own fabrics and create striking silhouettes Let your inner artist out! Capture the glory of a sunrise or sunset, the stark outline of a tree against the sky, the placid surface of the ocean. Gloria has assembled a repertoire of techniques to give all your pictorial quilts breathtaking impact, from working with photographs to painting fabric, creating silhouettes, constructing backgrounds, and embellishing with stitching. Try one of three projects, or use the techniques in your own designs.

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