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Fabric Calculator

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Quilter's FabriCalc

Easy-to-use calculator for quilt design and layout; works in Yards, Inch and Metric dimensions. Problem-Solving Features · Find total Yardage, including Backing, Binding, Borders and Drop for any quilting project · Calculate the total yardage for Squares, ½ Square Triangles, ¼ Square Triangles, 45° and 60° Diamonds. Or, find the number of squares and diamonds that can be cut from fabric in your “stash” · Create quilt designs using Block functions with or without sashing; solves Diagonals Store fabric yardage for six individual types of fabric and view total yardage required for all fabrics · User-enabled preferences allow customized settings for Fractional or Decimal displays, Mitered or Straight Corners and much more · Find total costs for material

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