Rulers: Creative Grid Ruler CGR3 (3-1/2" square)

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Creative Grid Ruler CGR3 (3-1/2" square)

Keep near your scrap basket as a template. This is a non-slip ruler with embedded gripper dots,is printed in black and white with an umcomplicated design, and is of exceptional quality with smooth edges. It has the Turn-a-Round feature. With the Creative Grids logo facing you, cut your 1",2", or 3" squares. Then Turn-a-Round your Creative Grids ruler so that the logo is upside down and the numbers running along the bottom of the ruler are now right way up. You can then cut 1-1/2",2-1/2", and 3-1/2" squares easily because you are following the solid black line each time.

CGR3 (3-1/2" X 3-1/2") $8.45

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