Batik: Bali Dots Blue 457-4

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Bali Dots Blue 457-4

Scrumptious. Rich. Color-drenched. Yummy. People get carried away when they talk about Benartex Triple Dye Balis. We donít mind. Itís understandable. Especially when every new group seems even better than the last. Take our newest group, for instanceóBali Jeweltones. Start with the richest jewel tones, then sprinkle them with intricate leaves and vines, starbursts, tropical flowers or tiny dots. Itís a spectacular effect! These are some of the most vibrant hand-dyes in the market and theyíll sell out quickly. Think: quilts, bags, vests and jackets. The exotic beauty of theses fabrics is their individual uniqueness. Each piece is hand dyed by the people of Bali.

Bali Dots Blue 457-4 $9.49

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