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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can be done any time of the year. To make those dust bunnies disappear, simply rearrange the furniture and make a new quilt. For a really messy houe, you might need to add a few antiques too... Right now, block out some time on your calender for sewing. Oops! I meant cleaning Make sure you have all the right cleaning supplies, like a new blade for your rotary cutter and water for your iron. First, concentrate on the most important room in the house - the sewing room. Why not use up "old" fabric by iecing a back for a quilt that is waiting to be finished? You'll be cleaning out your sewing room and decorating the rest of the house at the same time. Next, put a different quilt on your bed Make one of the fat quarter quilts using scraps from your stash - just think how nice your bedroom and sewing room will look. Finally , add a splash of color in the remaining rooms. A lap size quilt can be a splash of color, layered on top of a neutral quilt or arranged on a chair. All of the quilts in this book are given in several sizes - you decide how much color you need. At night sleep well under your new quilts, knowing that you have a clean house. Tomorrow, since you've made room for more fabric, you might as well go shopping!

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